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“Eddie has come into our home, our careers, our theatre projects and lives and musically jazzed up and helped out our entire family.”

KATHY NAJIMY - Sister Act / Hocus Pocus / King of the Hill

"Studying with Eddie has taken my work to the next level. With his vast knowledge in technique, text work and body tension he is able to personalize adjustments for immediate results. His passion for fine tuning and perfecting phrases has me leaving lessons confident and inspired. Lessons with Eddie are personal master classes in the safest space in New York City. I would recommend him to everyone!....and I do."

TORY TROWBRIDGE - The Cher Show / An American In Paris - Broadway

"Eddie is the most encouraging teacher/coach! He believed in me before I did. He really listens to your needs, and customizes the lesson around you. It’s amazing what we can accomplish in class, he’s very good at time management. I feel like I go in with five hundred songs, and we touch base on every single one! I owe a lot to him, I definitely wouldn’t be booking without him."

MARIA BRIGGS - Music Man / Mean Girls / Anastasia / Frozen / Hello Dolly / Cats - Broadway

"I never go to an audition without seeing Eddie first. After a session, I not only know I'm singing the material to the best of my ability, but also making clear, smart, unique choices in my story telling. Confidence is everything when walking into the room, and Eddie is my secret weapon in that."

CAMERON BOND - Be More Chill / Finding Neverland - Broadway


"He knows exactly what to say to get me to get the right sound out. And he is knowledgable. Eddie knows his stuff"

ESTHER ANTOINE - Ain't Too Proud - Broadway

"I am forever grateful for Eddie! He has completely changed the way I audition. Not only did he help me grow my book, but he has also given me the confidence and the technique I needed to take my career to the next level. Whether it’s for a coaching or piano tracks I recommend  him to everyone I know. Not only is he fantastic at his job but a lovely human to be around. He makes you feel comfortable and at ease while knowing exactly what to say to communicate what he’s teaching you. Eddie rocks!"

CHERRY TORRES - Hamilton - Broadway


"Eddie is such a magnificent vocal coach, and has helped me discover a vocal range I never dreamed I'd be able to achieve. His coaching is personalized, thoughtful, and done with so much care. Every time I leave a lesson with him I feel like more in tune with myself, and an overall better singer. He is simply the best. Thank you Eddie for helping me realize my potential and go even farther beyond my expectations. Working with him is such a treat and I am looking forward to going back to him time and time again."

GREGORY LILES - Head Over Heels - Broadway


"Whether it's an in person coaching or a quick laying down of tracks for me to practice for an audition, Eddie is my go-to accompanist/coach/repertoire guru."

NATHAN SCHERICH - Jersey Boys - Broadway


"Whether he's coaching me for an audition or helping me overhaul my song book, Eddie is a consummate professional. He is knowledgable and easy to work with. One of the most talented coaches in New York City!"

MATT BAN - Rock of Ages - Broadway


"From full blown technical lessons, to last minute sessions before a callback, Eddie gets you ready for whatever you need. He works quickly, creatively and positively and goes beyond how you sound. He is specifically fantastic with dancers, and makes you feel confident with what you have. He has been a vital piece of my progression as a singer and as a successful musical theater artist.”

MARY PAGE NANCE - A Beautiful Noise / The Great Comet / Finding Neverland - Broadway

"I love working with Eddie because he makes me believe that I can hold my own as a singer. As a dancer first, I am always terrified to open my mouth but his positive, infectious energy and thoughtful teaching techniques have helped me find my voice and get out of my head. He has helped me understand how to physicalize my singing as I would when I use my body to dance. Working with Eddie, I booked my first musical theatre job, signed with an agent, and have continued to book more work thanks to him and his brilliant coaching."

JOLINA JAVIER -The Phantom of the Opera - Broadway

"Working with Eddie is an absolute dream.  As a dancer first, I am always hesitant about the vocal aspect of auditions but Eddie has helped me conquer that fear and become much more confident.  Not only is he amazing at working on vocal technique but also at really delving into the characterization of a song.  He finds unique, creative ways to pull the character out that stick with me as I go into an audition setting.  Eddie also is incredibly committed to his students and on many last minute occasions has gone out of his way to fit me in to his schedule, plunk something out for me, or give some last minute audition advice.  I am so thankful to have found Eddie and would recommend his expertise to anyone in the business!" 

LAURA KAUFFMAN - Cats - National Tour

"Eddie is a singer's dream and on top of that, he is a great guy. He is a master at pinpointing what will take you to the next level vocally and he will guide you there with ease. I look forward to lessons with him and always leave feeling refreshed, rejuvenated, and prepared."

KEVIN ZAK - Waitress - National Tour


"Eddie has completely transformed my voice, my career, and my confidence. Before I met him, I thought there were limitations to my voice. And with Eddie's expertise and the tools he's given to me, I honestly believe there's nothing I can't sing. He's intuitive and caring, and his positivity is infectious. I owe so much to Eddie Schnecker."

LAURA CABLE My Fair Lady - Eliza - Fireside Theatre


"After one coaching with Eddie, I literally refuse to go to anyone else to prepare for an audition. He helps me read the music, teaches me how to sing it technically, and coaches me on how to make it mine. I'm a ten times stronger and more authentic performer because of him!!"

MICHAEL FASANO - 2015 CT Critics Circle Nominee

Outstanding Actor in a Musical


"Eddie is so approachable, technically gifted, and is fun to work with- if you want to gain vocal skill and confidence as well as an amazing selection of personally tailored musical rep, you have found your coach! I know that I have booked some of my most exciting jobs as a direct result of Eddie's coaching- he is brilliant!"

BRITTE STEELE - Maggie Jones - 42nd Street - National Tour


“Thank God for Eddie! He has helped me take songs from my book and work on them in a fresh and interesting way that brings new meaning to them and helps me reconnect.  His coachings are always inspirational.  Eddie knows what he’s doing!"

JENNIFER NOBLE - Ghost / King Kong - Broadway 


“One of the great things about Eddie is that he is an actor himself.  He has great insight into the interpretation of a song, and because of this, he takes the ‘overthinking’ out of singing.”

DAVID GREGORY - Uncoupled / Insatiable / One Life to Live

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